Windows 10 will let you stream Xbox One games to your PC and tablet

Microsoft today announced that Windows 10 will let gamers stream Xbox One titles from their console to their desktop, laptop or tablet. Accessories such as controllers will be compatible across platforms, but the announcement's wording suggests not all Xbox One titles will be enabled for streaming, and that the Xbox One and streaming-device will have to be on the same network. Microsoft did not comment on whether or Windows 10 mobile devices will also be able to stream Xbox One titles.

Windows 10 will be bundled with an Xbox app that includes core Xbox Live functionality such as messaging, achievements and activity feeds. The app will also bring Xbox One's Game DVR functionality to PC, allowing gamers to record and edit their gaming moments. Game DVR will be available operating system wide, will be compatible with platforms such as Steam and Origin, and can be triggered by pressing Windows + G.

An early version of the Xbox app for Windows 10 will be available as part of the next Windows 10 Technical Preview, scheduled to launch in the coming week.

Windows 10 will also make it easier for developers to implement cross-platform multiplayer between PC and Xbox One. Fable Legends will be one of the first titles to support cross-platform multiplayer, and a Windows 10 port will launch alongside the Xbox One version later this year.

Microsoft also announced that the Xbox One will be upgraded to run Windows 10 for its app environment, providing developers with an easy way to make their apps console compatible.

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