Windows 10 Technical Preview now available for download

Bleeding-edge users are now able to download the Technical Preview of the newly announced Windows 10, directly from Microsoft's website. The preview comes as an ISO file, that then has to be transferred to a DVD or bootable USB drive. Microsoft suggest that users should only install the preview if they "know what an ISO file is and how to use it".

The Windows 10 Technical Preview should work on any computer running Windows 8.1.

The following should be noted before installing the Windows 10 Technical Preview:

Trying a preview build can be risky, and could result in data loss. As such, it shouldn't be installed on a primary computer, and any important files should be backed up in advance.

Users wanting to return to a previous version of Windows after installing the Technical Preview will have to reinstall it from the recovery or installation media that came with their PC.

Installing the Technical Preview will likely render the recovery partition of a PC unusable.

We're just about to install the preview, and we'll have our first impressions live tomorrow.

Download the Windows 10 Technical Preview here

Read more about Windows 10's new features here.

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