Windows 10, OS X, Chrome, Edge and Safari all hacked during contest

This year’s Pwn2Own security-breaching contest wrapped up over the weekend, and the teams involved were quite successful. Pwn2Own is an event held during the annual CanSecWest security professionals’ conference in Vancouver.

Windows and OS X operating systems, as well as Chrome, Safari and Edge browsers were all compromised over the two day contest.

New vulnerabilities were exposed in the target platforms – 6 in Windows, 5 in OS X and 4 in Adobe Flash. All successful attacks gave the teams administrative privileges, which would potentially be quite dangerous if not reported.

Attacks on Chrome were the least fruitful – the vulnerability used against Google’s browser had already been reported independently, and no new exploits were found. Adobe Flash, on the other hand, was used extensively against browser security.

USD$460,000 was handed out during the contest in prizes for successful attempts against the platforms’ security.

The vulnerabilities found were reported to their respective companies, and patches for them ought to be rolled out soon.

Trend Micro’s Youtube channel features a recap of the contest’s events if you’re interested in more information about the teams and exploits.

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