Will Telstra Voice Recognition Work?

Telstra third-party provider promises new voice recognition system is more ‘intelligent’.

By Mike Wheeler

As anybody who has had any dealings with Telstra will verify, its call centres and voice recognition systems leave a lot to be desired, and there is no sign of the company revisiting its outsourcing policy any time soon. So all you can hope for is improvement.

With the voice recognition aspect – one that has been particularly annoying to this writer – the company who provides it, Nuance Communications, claims that it has enhanced its Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) system so as to improve the accuracy. About time, too.

The press release claims “Customers are now spending less time in the system and Telstra consultants are more informed as a result of higher recognition rates and an improved integration between Telstra’s customer databases and the front end speech system.”

It would be really interesting to read those stats as to how much time customers are now spending in the system because it certainly needed a lot of improvement. The good news is, Telstra recognises it needed improving – the unknown quantity? Does it actually work? Time will tell.