Yet Another ViewSonic Monitor Debuts

In what is become a busy month for ViewSonic, it has released another monitor for the PC market.

Monitor manufacturer ViewSonic has released VP Series displays, which comes with IPS full-colour LCD panel to strengthen image clarity while minimising image distortion, claims the company.

The VP Series displays feature OptiColor wide colour gamut technology which is said to enhance colour realism and dynamics.

The VP Series displays incorporate ViewSonic’s ClearMotiv II technology to deliver professional response rate and efficiency for dynamic video creators.

VP series displays are capable of presenting detailed gray scales and realistic images that are claimed to give photographers, artistic designers and animation/multimedia creators, better control over creative quality. Plus, the pneumatic height adjust mechanism and swivel feature can achieve up to a 45 degree tilt, catering to all professional viewing needs.

The IPS 8bit full-colour panels of the VP Series displays offer no blind spots to achieve precise colour rendering with the viewable angle reaching over 178 degrees. With a stable liquid crystal molecular structure, the VP Series displays are durable, easy to clean and are said to be free from issues such as image distortion or inaccurate colour representation. Additionally, the VP Series displays are built with fast response time to eliminate residual images and deliver sharp, crisp pictures from rapidly moving content such as animation, games or sports competitions.

VP displays are capable of automatically detecting the brightness of input signals to adjust the backlight module. The VP Series displays have also been designed to overcome backlight bleeding from the panels in dark rooms by automatically adjusting the screen brightness according to the intensity of ambient light. Furthermore, the VP2655wb can achieve a maximum display contrast of up to 4000:1 to make gray scales more detailed.

Finally, the VP Series displays consist of four USB 2.0 ports for data transfers up to 480Mbps, utilising various peripherals connected directly to the LCD, as well as pneumatic height adjustment mechanisms to accommodate different viewing needs by adjusting the arm (reaching 135mm in length) and/or swivel base on the VP2655wb (120 degrees) and VP2365wb (180 degrees).

VP2655wb $1,139
VP2365wb $499