Wii Least Used Console

A survey out by Neilsen shows that the Wii doesn’t get as much use as its two main rivals

A recent Nielsen survey out of the US has found that the Wii console, while it may sell by the truckload, gets a lot less use than its rivals the Xbox 360, PS3, or even the PS2 for that matter.
The survey showed there was as 21 percent increase in minutes played, with the Xbox 360 in the lead, followed by the PS3. The PS2 and even the Wii’s predecessor, the GameCube, got more use.

Now before Nintendo get bent all out of shape about this, there is some good news. If you go by gender, then the Wii gets a lot more use from women than men over the other consoles. Nintendo also have to bear in mind that its major rivals have other features it doesn’t. For example, the Xbox has the Live store, and the PlayStation Network. The PS3 is also a blu-ray player, and the survey didn’t mention whether these features were included in the time spent using the consoles.

For the number crunchers, the average gamer spent just under 13 hours on their consoles in the month of June.