Wii Hardware Changes “Not Out Of The Question”

While it’s not in stone, Nintendo of America’s George Harrison isn’t ruling out Wii hardware changes like a hard drive

So you’ve been thinking about buying a Nintendo Wii but feel a bit discouraged by a lack of a DVD drive or a hard drive?

Well, fear not because while we know the DVD is coming, GameDaily had a sit down during E3 with George Harrison, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice-President of Marketing and Corporate Communications.

“I’m not sure whether we would launch it or not. Other people have talked about it and certainly memory management is something that consumers want to think about, whether it’s just Virtual Console games, so at this point we haven’t got anything we’re prepared to say about it,” Harrison has been quoted to saying.

It’s an interesting read if you want to find out more about Nintendo’s plans as well as other factors in the industry.

Nintendo talk to GameDaily during E3

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