Wi-Fi Allows DSi Facebook Connection

Ninetendo now has a Facebook photo application

Nintendo have added Facebook integration to its DSi that allows users to upload photos directly using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

The Facebook integration with the Nintendo DSi Camera is one feature of a new system update for the Nintendo DSi, which also includes other improvements to the technical features of the console. This update is accessed by performing a system update in the System Settings of the DSi, which will automatically upgrade the console’s firmware to version 1.4.

The integration with the DSi Camera allows users to send photos directly to your Facebook stream, where they will be shared with friends and stored in an album on your profile. A Facebook logo will then appear in the album section of the camera, and a Facebook icon will now be present above a user’s picture. They tap this to immediately connect online to the Facebook account and upload a picture.

The first time the new Facebook integration is used, users will need to log into your Facebook account using Facebook Connect, after which their email can be saved to the Nintendo DSi for ease of uploading images. The new Facebook functionality of the Nintendo DSi provides a safe and secure experience, and your password will never be revealed. Users can also always update their privacy settings on Facebook.com.

Users can upload up to 200 photos in one album which is automatically named “Photos from Nintendo DSi”. When the 201st photo is uploaded to Facebook, a new album will be created.