WhatsApp desktop app comes to Windows and Mac

Popular messaging app WhatsApp has launched a native desktop client for both Windows and Mac. Much like the web app it launched in 2014, the desktop version of WhatsApp is considered an extension of the smartphone app. Rather than running as a standalone product, it mirrors conversations from a user's mobile device.

WhatsApp says this allows it to preserve end-to-end encryption; all chat logs are stored on the mobile device, rather than in the cloud.

Once a user boots up the desktop app on Windows or Mac, they'll need to scan a QR code using WhatsApp on their phone (by tapping the "WhatsApp Web" option under the Settings menu). After this, the app will fire up with a user’s chat history.

The WhatsApp desktop application is available for computers running Windows 8 or better, or OS X 10.9 or better. It is available for download here.

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