What Annoys Most On Facebook?

  • Boring updates
  • Declaring unconditional love
  • Posting baby photos

A new survey is claimed to show that boring updates, pics of what’s on your plate and mundane, diary-like posts are the three most annoying Facebook habits.

Four out of five Aussies surveyed are calling for an end to newsfeed congestion by limiting friends’ posts to every three days or less. 

Commissioned by mobile service provider amaysim, the research shows that while more than half of Aussies (59 percent) admit that hogging their newsfeed will get you defriended, it’s actually not hard to be ‘liked’ in the Facebook realm.

Showing true mateship, half of Aussie Facebook users have never defriended someone and don’t plan to unless you flood them with negative posts or upload unflattering photos of friends – the two top reasons for red carding someone.

The perfect Facebook friend is said to ‘Like’ their friends’ content (41 percent) and be responsive to comments and invites (47 percent).  Funny updates (64 percent) and interesting photos (64 percent) were named as the best assets. 

Almost 60 per cent of people surveyed are regularly accessing Facebook on a mobile phone or tablet. Other things that annoy people are those that ‘check in everywhere they go’ (38 percent), ‘posting lots of baby photos’ (21 percent) and public declarations of love between partners (29 percent).

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