WCG – Bigger and Better Than Ever!

The countdown is on for the 2010 World Cyber Games that are to be held in Los Angeles.

Last year was a big challenge for most businesses, and getting the World Cyber Games up and running was no different. With the GFC playing havoc on preparations for the event, and those with the purse strings being understandably cautious, it was thanks to the sponsor’s efforts and our in-house team that we made a great event happen.. We would like to thank all the organisers and competitors who worked so tirelessly to make the 2009 WCG happen. It was a big challenge to deliver it, but looking back now at how so many of you enjoyed the event, it was worth the effort!

So, we are now focused on 2010 and are in planning to once again host an event that will bring together the best gamers in Australia to compete for the places up for grabs in the national final, and therefore the World final. The WCG Grand Final will be held in Los Angeles this year in late September where we will be bringing an Australian team to compete.

There is so much to organise from offical games – from locations for matches through to the annual drive to secure sponsors. While we busy ourselves with those tasks, we look forward to announcing very soon the details of the local qualifiers and final events of the 2010 WCG.