Washable Keyboard From HP

Gone are the days of spilling coffee on your keyboard and causing a meltdown.

With the best intentions and being as careful as possible, you still cant’ stop the odd spillage on your computer keyboard. And as we all know, liquid and electronics don’t mix, so it is interesting to see that HP has brought out a washable keyboard.

The HP USB PS2 Washable Keyboard is also designed for industries such as healthcare, where keyboards maybe required to be cleaned with soaps and solvents including washing-up liquid, non-abrasive cleaners, general purpose cleaners, bleach, disinfectant, antibacterial cleaners and surgical spirit.

Sealed structure able to be fully washed under running water and waterproof exterior protects against windblown dust, rain, splashing water and hose-directed water.

Check out Charlie Brown’s underwater test on the Today Show to see how well it holds up.