War On Cybercrime

With all the recent awareness raising weeks Privacy, Law, Cybersecurity, Cybershack got thinking about the digital world and the importance of protecting people’s rights online. Symantec is partnering the following weeks over the month of May.

Privacy Awareness Week | 1-7 May 2011
The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner highlighted the importance of keeping personal details private online with the theme Privacy: It's all about you. During the week, people were encouraged to exercise their privacy rights and to take steps to make sure their personal information is handled appropriately. Privacy Awareness Week is coordinated by the Australian Information Commissioner, and is an initiative of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA).

Law Week | 16-22 May 2011
Promotes greater understanding within the community of the law, the legal system and the legal profession.  Law Week is an incorporated company administered by a board, which is comprised of the leaders of the justice system in New South Wales.  This year, Law Week has gone National.  Taking to the streets in cities and towns around New South Wales, and in Sydney an open air legal expo will be held in the CBD's Martin Place, where members of the public can talk face to face with major legal service providers. The public are encouraged to join judges, lawyers and students in the annual PILCH Walk for Justice in the beautiful surrounds of Sydney's Harbour's foreshores.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Week | 30 May – 3 June 2011
National Cybersecurity Awareness Week is an Australian Government initiative held annually in partnership with industry, community and consumer groups and all levels of government.  The aim of the Awareness Week is to help Australians better understand cybersecurity risks and the simple steps they can take to protect themselves and their children online.