Wake up to Guns ‘n’ Roses

OK, maybe Celine Dion might be a bit more soothing and sedate than the Gunners, but thanks to the TEAC CRX350iP CD-iPhone clock radio, users can wake up listening to their favourite song.

With all the usual features of an alarm clock including a snooze and dual alarm function as well as AM/FM Radio, the CRX350iP can also accommodate an iPhone and iPod in a docking station that pops out.

This docking station is useful as it has the ability to charge both devices and also allows for an iPhone time sync that guarantees users will always be on time.

So whether you choose to wake up to the sound of a buzzer, radio, CD or iPod or Axel Rose belting out Sweet Child of Mine, waking up in the mornings will never be boring with this clock radio.

The CRX350iP can handle a wide selection of CD Playback formats including CD/CD-R/RW/MP3/WMA and also features a 3.5mm auxiliary input for connection of MP3 devices and measures 13cm in height, so users will have no problems finding a place to display this clock radio.

RRP: $149


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