Vodafone personalises prepaid with customisable MyMix recharges

As of today, Vodafone customers are able to design their own prepaid recharges, selecting inclusions around their personal usage. Dubbed MyMix Prepaid, the plans let users customise a recharge's call time, international call time, data allowance, and expiry. All plans have unlimited text as a basis.

Vodafone Chief Marketing Officer Loo Fun Chee says Australian telcos have create an environment that can be quite confusing for customers, especially when it comes to changing plans.

"We want to tell the customer that they have a choice, a real choice." said Chee, "To do that, you need to challenge the industry."

While telco subscribers normally have to pick a plan that's been designed for an "average customer", Chee says Vodafone no longer believes in this idea.

"Young professionals make a lot more voice calls than their mums and dad, and youth send 70% more text than young professionals," said Chee. "Some customers make a lot of calls, and don't use a lot of data, some customers don't make a single voice call."

Vodafone's MyMix plans will sit along the telco's existing prepaid offering, ostensibly adding 72 new types of recharges.

On top of "infinite text", Vodafone MyMix customers pick their own call allowance, international call allowance, data allowance, and expiry time.

Customers pick either 120 minutes, or infinite talk time; 500MB, 2GB, 5GB, or 8GB of data; 0 minutes, 120 minutes, or 300 minutes of international talk; and a 7 day, 28 day, or 90 day expiry. Up to 4GB of bonus data is available to customers who recharge before the end of May.

When using MyMix, prepaid plans start at as little as AUD$8 for 120 minutes of talk, 500MB of data, and no international minutes, with a seven day expiry. On the other end of the spectrum, customers can pay AUD$110 for infinite talk, 12GB of data (including a bonus 4GB), and 300 international minutes, with a 90 day expiry.

A data heavy user who doesn't make phone calls could opt for a AUD$50 package including 120 minutes of talk, 12GB of data (including a bonus 4GB), and no international minutes, with a 28 day expiry. For comparison, Vodafone's standard AUD$50 recharge would normally get customers infinite talk, 10GB of data (including a 4GB bonus), and 90 international minutes.

"What we are doing is changing that so the customer can choose their own inclusions," said Vodafone General Manager of Consumer Segments Nilanjan Sarkar. "We're saying don't use your money on inclusions you don't need."

"Because you can trade off things you don't need, you end up with a better deal than a standard plan."

Customers are able to change their MyMix every recharge, and can still use add-ons to top up their data or international call allowance before the recharge expires. At present, Vodafone's MyMix prepaid plans aren't eligible for AUD$5 per day roaming.

Vodafone MyMix recharges are available from today. Customers can get these online or through a Vodafone store. Customers can also use Vodafone recharge codes obtain from third party resellers to pay for their selected MyMix. 

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