Vodafone offers unlimited music

Instead of one coffee a week, you can now spend that to get access to unlimited music through Vodafone.

Vodafone Australia’s new music service, the Omnifone MusicStation, will let users download as many songs as they want from a million track library for $2.75 per week.

Whether you’re on a plan, or just on pre-paid, you’ll be able to access the Omnifone MusicStation and there’s no extra cost or fees for downloading the songs. But as always, there’s a catch: once you stop paying for the service you can’t listen to the tracks you’ve downloaded.

Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, EMI Music and Warner Music Group as well as local and independent artists like Shock, Liberation Music, All Killer, Blue Pie, Destra and MGM are a part of the Omnifone MusicStation library.

Karen Paterson, Vodafone Australia’s head of Live! services, said the MusicStation subscription would help to broaden customer’s music tastes as they did not have to worry paying for individual songs. She also said the new MusicStation would operate in parallel with Vodafone’s existing store, where users could purchase individual songs permanently.

“What people might do is discover new tracks through the MusicStation offering and, if they like the song, they might go and buy the physical CD or go into Vodafone Live! and get the full track [forever],” Paterson said.

Only nine handsets can get access to the service at the moment: LG KU990 Viewty, Nokia 6121 classic, Nokia E65, Nokia N73, Nokia N95 8GB, Sony Ericsson C902, Sony Ericsson W880i, Sony Ericsson W890i and the Nokia 6210 Navigator, although Vodafone plan to expand the MusicStation to more mobiles soon.

Source: IT Wire

Additional Material: Sydney Morning Herald Technology