Vodafone iPhone Pricing Released

Vodafone releases pricing for iPhone ahead of Friday launch

Vodafone has joined Optus in releasing its pricing for the new iPhone 3G S, with there being pros and cons to both.

Although Vodafone will not charge for tethering (using the phone as a wi-fi modem so you can connect your laptop to the internet remotely), its overall plan is a little bit more expensive. However, you do get more down load space.

For the 3G S 16GB unit, Vodafone are charging $69 iPhone Cap (24 months), which includes $400 value, unlimited free Vodafone-to-Vodafone calls during the evening and on weekends and 1GB of included data downloads.

Vodaphone’s 3G S 32GB plan is similar to Optus’s, which is a free unit on Vodafone’s $114 Cap (24 months), which includes unlimited calls and 2GB data. Optus charges $99, but offers 1.5GB of data.

Vodafone business customers can purchase the iPhone 3G S on the corresponding $69 Single Business Cap and $114 Unlimited Single Business Cap, 24 month contracts.
Vodafone customers will not be charged a monthly access fee to ‘tether’ their iPhone 3G S but will have the option to purchase additional data for tethering; 1GB for $24.95 or 2GB for $29.95, available from August 2009. Until that time any customer who wishes to try the new tethering service can do so using the data allowance included on their plan.

Vodafone will also offer the iPhone to prepaid customers with the 16GB iPhone 3G S for $929 up front and then 32GB iPhone 3G S for $1129 up front. Customers who purchase and register their Vodafone Prepaid iPhone and mobile number before 31 August, 2009 will receive a bonus $500 Flexible Credit ($100 bonus Flexible Credit on each of their next 5 Prepaid Recharges on $49, $79 or $149 Flexi-caps).