Navteq Maps For Pedestrians

Navteq targets pedestrians with its Discover Cities mapping software

Navteq’s Discover Cities software is said to help navigation devices and applications provide a variety of routing options to pedestrians – it claims to offer 53 pedestrian-specific attributes such as paved pathways, walkways through parks and plazas, bridges, tunnels, sidewalks and crosswalks.

For instance, when a pedestrian wants the option to use public transit, the software enables routes that take into consideration the location of bus and rail stations/ stops and their entrances/exits in relation to the pedestrian route as well as the train/bus network information, including transfer locations.

Other mapping options available from Navteq include:

  • Garmin’s CityXplorer maps are available for select tourist destinations in both North America and Europe and can be downloaded to Garmin’s nüvi line of portable navigation devices. With CityXplorer, users can make the most of their journey by planning and using routes that include public transit options such as bus and metro rail stations.
  • Gokivo provides customers with NIM’s renowned on-phone navigation and local search platform, turning BlackBerry Smartphones into mobile tools, with an array of connectivity options at their fingertips. Gokivo is already available from BlackBerry App World, and incorporates Navteq maps and Navteq Discover Cities content in North America and Europe.

  • Nokia has continued to expand its offering with over 80 cities including shortcuts through squares, parks and buildings, 3D landmarks, building footprints and public transport entrance points in their upcoming version of Ovi Maps. These combined with compass and real-time pedestrian navigation “Walk” redefine pedestrian orientation and navigation in urban environments. The Navteq Discover Cities components are also integrated within the map data and Walk routing on Ovi Maps for web at

Samsung launched the I8910 HD with Navteq maps and content in Europe in May.  With the help of content from Navteq Discover Cities, the GPS-enabled Samsung I8910 HD will allow urban travellers to take advantage of their surroundings and help them get from place to place.