Vodafone Gets PlayStation Vita

  • Vodafone promises 2,000 new sites for network
  • Free voucher for racing title
  • Buy direct from Vodafone

Sony Computer Entertainment and Vodafone have confirmed a partnership that will see Vodafone as the preferred provider of 3G connectivity for PlayStation Vita in Australia.

Vodafone Australia recently claimed its accelerated network and service improvements are delivering a better customer experience, even though they have had a lot of problems over the past six months, including a class action of aspects of its service.

Vodafone says that 900 sites are now live in new the 850MHz network built for smartphones and data, and 2,000 sites in the existing network have been replaced with new equipment. By the middle of next year the company is hoping there will be 1,500 sites in the new 850MHz network and 8,000 sites where equipment has been replaced.

PS Vita 3G/wifi model sold in retail channels will come with a Vodafone SIM card so that users can have social gaming experiences on the go. Customers will also be able to buy PS Vita 3G/wifi model direct from Vodafone channels.

In addition, customers connecting with Vodafone will receive a free PlayStation Network voucher for the racing title WipEout 2048 available to download from PlayStation Store.