Vodafone brings 4G+ to Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Vodafone has announced that it has switched on its new 4G+ network in Sydney, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. 704 4G+ sites have been taken live in New South Wales, covering Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle, and 396 in Queensland.

4G+ is what Vodafone has named its new, low-band 4G network. 4G+ makes use of the 850Mhz spectrum, which the telco were previously using for 3G. The lower frequency will allow for greater signal penetration, improving Vodafone's 4G coverage inside buildings, malls and car parks. Vodafone will also continue to supply 3G on the 850Mhz frequency.

“We’ve tested all the major smartphones to see how they perform on our new 4G network, including the popular iPhone 5 and 6 models and Samsung GALAXY," said Benoit Hanssen, Vodafone's Chief Technical Officer. "What it means for customers is that they’ll notice the 4G or LTE symbol on their phone more often, meaning they have more reliable download speeds."

Vodafone's 4G+ rollout will continue over the coming weeks with the goal of boosting 4G coverage to reach 95% of the Australian population. The telco has deployed 4G + networks in South Australia and Victoria, and will switch on Western Australian in the coming weeks.

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