Visual Voice From Vodafone Via iPhone

Vodafone adds a new dimension to calls using an iPhone

Vodafone’s Visual Voicemail application allows Vodafone iPhone 3G customers to see who has left a voicemail message and what time they left it on their handset. With one touch, users will be able to choose what messages they want to listen to, or even skip messages completely.

All Vodafone iPhone 3G customers will have access to the Visual Voicemail application by close of business tomorrow. Over the next few days, Vodafone will proactively notify customers via a text message, alerting them to this new voicemail service.

Vodafone iPhone 3G customers are encouraged to install or update the latest iTunes software on their handsets as soon as possible in order to access Vodafone’s Visual Voicemail application for the iPhone 3G when it becomes available to them.