Samsung and SanDisk Come To Terms

Samsung and SanDisk have agreed to cross-licensing agreements that will be binding for seven years

In these uncertain times, some CE companies are shoring up existing mutually beneficial agreements, which will last long into the future.

Samsung and SanDisk have renewed a couple of agreements that have yet to run out. One involves the cross-licensing of a number of patents involving semiconductor technology. This deal involves flash storage and cell flash memory systems, but excludes 3D memory, which is thought to be well on the way to fruition in the near future.

Interestingly, the second deal involves guarantees a certain amount of Samsung’s flash memory chip gear goes to SanDisk, which comes on the back of Samsung trying to buy out SanDisk. Samsung pulled out in October because they thought the company was overvalued. Samsung had offered the then-struggling Sandisk $26 a share, but was rejected.

The new deals will be in place for seven years.