Virtual Worlds Academy founded

Two online community members, one of Second Life and the other from Entropia Universe, have partnered to form the first Virtual Worlds Academy.

It is designed to foster a creative community in the virtual world space by recognizing achievements in virtual artistry, technology, commerce and culture. The first initiative of the Academy will be the Virtual World Awards, which will acknowledge the individuals that have helped grow online worlds.

“This is an exciting partnership and venture,” said Ailin Graef aka Anshe Chung, Second Life millionaire. “Virtual worlds are an exploding industry and becoming more entrenched in the real world. This organization will help legitimize the space and give credit to its pioneers.”

“The Virtual World Awards are designed to honor the creativity that people bring to this booming universe,” said Jon Jacobs aka NeverDie, entrepreneur and virtual world nightclub impresario of Club NeverDie in the Entropia Universe. “As the online community develops we think it’s essential to document its history and its forefathers.”


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