Virgin’s data rollover lets you keep the data you don’t use

Virgin Mobile yesterday announced data rollover, a new inclusion that allows customers to add the data they don't use to next month's allowance. Unused data is rolled over to the next month at the end of a customer's billing cycle, however the user's standard included data is always consumed first.

This means that if a customer was on a 2GB plan and used 1.8GB, 200MB would be added to their quota for next month. The customer would then have to use that 2GB first before having access to last month's 200MB. If this 200MB is not used, the customer then loses it as data rolled-over is only valid for one month. If a customer is consistently using 1.8GB a month, they will only ever have 2.2GB available to them when taking account of the rollover. 

All of Virgin Mobile's post-paid plans support data rollover. Virgin plans also allow customers to rollover unused call and text value. Existing customers will have to request Virgin add data rollover to their plan. 

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