Video Games Dumb Down Boys

Study claims that video games are dumbing down boys.

For years, parents and social commentators have complained that video games have a negative affect on gamers’ intellectual abilities. Now, a study by a US associate professor might back up some of the rhetoric surrounding those opinions.

Associate Professor Robert Weis, from Denison University in Ohio, studied 64 young boys aged between 6 and 9 who did not own a gaming console. Part of the requirements was that the boys had no pre-existing behavioral or learning problems.

Half the control group were given PS3 consoles at the beginning of the four month trial period, while the other half given them at the end.

Teachers of the boys who received the consoles at the start said they noticed that the test subjects did not spend as much time doing educational activities and also did not make the same advances in writing and reading compared to their console-deprived counterparts.

It’s fair to say the jury is still out on how scientific the results are – no peer reviewing was noted, plus it was a pretty small control group. However, it does appear to reinforce anecdotal evidence that too much gaming can have a derogatory affect on some children.

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