Video game symphony – Music to our ears

The Eminence Symphony Orchestra starts their Australian tour this week, rolling through Sydney and Melbourne to perform its annual A Night in Fantasia concert.

The nine Japanese composers whose work will be featured include Yoko Shimoumura (Kingdom Hearts) and Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger).

They will be on hand to sign autographs as Eminence perform their pieces at Sydney’s Town Hall and Melbourne’s The Arts Centre.

But while few Australians are likely to have heard of the people behind the scores in their favourite video games, Eminence founder Japanese-born Australian resident Hiroaki Yura said he expected a stampede of gamers to queue for autographs.

“Every time we have a concert we have an autograph session, and we usually have to cut it at 90 minutes because the queue just goes on forever,” he said.

And Yura insisted the composers’ celebrity status was not limited to gaming-mad Japan – he said at a recent concert in Chicago the “celebrities” were “basically doing autographs for five hours”.

A Night in Fantasia will first hit Sydney this Friday and Saturday evening at 7.30pm, before heading down to Melbourne for another concert at the same time next Friday. Tickets for adults cost $40, $60 or $70, depending on the section you wish to sit in.

Plus, don’t forget the other video game symphony, PLAY!, starting on June 19th at the Sydney Opera House.

Source: SMH

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