SEGA snaps up Marvel games

SEGA has acquired the video game rights for three more Marvel properties: The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America.

The publisher’s exclusive, multi-year global licensing agreement with Marvel will allow it to develop and distribute games for console, handheld and PC platforms based on the original comics and forthcoming films.

The first title will be based on upcoming movie The Incredible Hulk and is set to release in the same timeframe.

Games based on Captain America and Thor will follow, although the timing of those two films has yet to be determined and so the games are still some way away.

“As SEGA continues to create games that are built from the ground up to appeal to Western audiences it makes perfect sense to work with a powerhouse like Marvel,” said SEGA of America boss Simon Jeffery.

SEGA is already set to release an Iron Man game to tie in with the summer 2008 film of the same name, and Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel stated that the two companies have so far found working together to be a positive experience.

Source: GamesIndustry.BIZ

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