VHA Get Motorola Exclusive

  • Access social networking
  • Comes with changeable covers
  • Second microphone to improve voice quality

Motorola is releasing announced Motorola Flipout with Motoblur, a square and compact smartphone that will be a exclusive with Vodafone.

Flipout runs on Android 2.1 and features a square pivot design that opens to reveal a five-row QWERTY keypad with a separate row for numeric keys. Customisable from the inside out, Flipout features removable covers in a range of colours, seven customisable home screens and live wall papers. There is even added security for exchange server users.

Flioput comes with changeable covers in classic black, bright poppy red or stylish white. Motoblur is Motorola’s Android experience that syncs contacts, posts, messages, photos and much more — from sources such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail, work and personal e-mail — and automatically delivers them to the home screen.

Motoblur automatically backs up contacts, log-in information, home screen customisations and e-mail to a secure server and comes with GPS tracking and remote data wipe for lost or stolen devices. One username and password restores contacts, messages and connectivity to prior networks and email providers. So, while you may lose your phone, you won’t lose the contacts and data that keep you connected.

Motoblur functionality includes:

  • Happenings and Messages – widgets filter by social networking account, by contact(s) or by contact group to only see the information you want.
  • Screen customisation – move and resize preloaded widgets on up to seven home screens.
  • Battery Manager – manage battery consumption by operating in one of three performance modes.
  • Data Manager – monitor data usage from the home screen to better manage pay-as-you-go and limited data plans.
  • Personal and Corporate email – pushed directly to the device.
  • Re-tweet capabilities.

Flipout CrystalTalk Plus builds on Motorola’s proprietary microphone and speaker configuration and adds a second microphone to improve a caller’s voice quality while filtering out background noise. Flipout’s multi-touch pinch to zoom brings optimal web and photo browsing to the palm of your hand and Adobe Flash Lite provides access to most content-rich websites.

For music fans, Flipout’s connected media player offers full screen lyric support and integrated song ID. Additional multimedia features include a 3 MP camera with digital zoom and Kodak Perfect Touch technology forbrighter pictures, and gallery mode for tagging and labeling of photos.

One-touch uploads to Facebook, MySpace, Picasa and Photobucket make sharing your images easy. Also included are video capture, playback and streaming options along with Bluetooth capabilities for wireless calls and music. Finally, Flipout features full Google services including Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and access to thousands of apps on the Android Market.

$299 outright