Use Smartphone To Buy Text Books

  • Uses QR code technology
  • Scan books on wall and bookstore
  • Available in 10 stores

Co-op Bookshop has partnered with PayPal to develop a retail experience that allows students to purchase textbooks direct from a large window display by simply scanning a QR code.

A custom-built ‘QR Wall’ has been installed on ten Co-op Bookshop windows, displaying the top textbook titles from courses available at each university. Students can use their smartphone to scan the QR-code for the textbook they want and then pay for it using PayPal.

The specially created mobile website, developed by PayPal, provides instant access to over 160 popular textbooks.  With this new innovation there are no long queues, no waiting, and no carrying books home for students as free postage is included.

The Co-op is constantly searching for innovative ways to continue to add convenience to the customer buying experience. Through its strong relationships with organisations such as PayPal, its creating a culture of constant evolution, claims the company.

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