Unwired for sound

A music player that sends signals through the human body, without wires, Bluetooth, or other conventional transmission technologies could be on the horizon.

Sony has found a way to transmit radio signals through a wearer’s body to earphones that convert the signals back to sound. Sony applied for a patent for a “human body communication system and communication device.”

The system would use the body as a capacitor that is part of a field carrying an electrostatic charge from a transmitter to a receiver. Conductive cloths and fabrics would charge the users’ bodies. Earphones would contain electrodes for receiving and translating the signal into sound.

The charge would be mild and would not cause tingling, according to the company’s statement in its patent application. The body system could carry 48 kilobytes of data per second, according to Sony’s application, which repeatedly calls its setup an “excellent” body communication system.

Source: ITNews

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