Unique Compression With TDK Wireless

  • Wireless headphones with lossless technology
  • Sound remains uncompressed during transmission
  • Minimal audio drops

TDK Life on Record’s latest in the headphone space is claimed to bring users first-class sound without the limitation of a cable. The WR700’s ‘Kleer’ lossless wireless audio technology offers uncompressed digital audio in CD quality.

These headphones are ‘ear-cup’ style that are compact, which coupled with wireless convenienc,e makes them portable – a transmitter comes with the headset which plugs directly into the audio device for an immersive listening experience.

Kleer wireless technology means the sound is not compressed during transmission – a limitation often associated with wireless technologies. These headphones are compatible with all media devices using a 3.5mm headphone port. Four AAA batteries are required – two in the transmitter unit and two in the headset – provide 40 hours of listening time.

The product also has ‘dynamic channel selection’ – a feature which minimises audio ‘drops’ and ensures a high-fidelity stereo sound. The transmitter has a range of 10metres enabling the user to walk about a large space, whether in the office or at home, listening uninterrupted to their choice in music or audio whether studying, working, exercising or taking it easy.

The WR700 Headphones are said to have been designed for comfort on the ears while blocking out exterior noise. Then there are the EB900 in-ear headphones that feature Comply foam tips that create an in-ear seal to block ambient noise and reduce audio leakage.

Three alternative sizes of silicon tips are included with the EB900s to ensure an appropriate fit. Compatible to all devices with a 3.5mm headphone port, the EB900 features a braided cable extending 1.2 metres – the advantage of the braiding ensures tangles are almost eliminated. A high performance dynamic speaker, the EB900 earphones inject quality sound directly into the ear, delivering superior bass tones while providing comfort for on-the-go music listening enjoyment.

WR700: $199
EB900: $79.95