Ultrabook With Anti-Theft Service

  • Remotely lock laptop if lost/stolen
  • Create a secure data vault
  • Display message to facilitate return

Dick Smith, in collaboration with Intel Australia, has announced the launch of Intel Anti-theft Service on Ultrabook systems. The service uses Intel Anti-Theft Technology as its foundation, letting people remotely lock the laptop if it’s lost or stolen. Additionally, this service helps create a secure data vault upon service activation where private files can be encrypted and stored.

Intel Anti-Theft Service takes advantage of intelligent hardware to lock down a lost or stolen laptop. It works even if a thief reimages their hard drive, installs a new hard drive, changes the boot order or avoids connecting to the network. 

A lost or stolen laptop can be locked-down so that it does not boot by sending a notification over the internet or by using intelligent hardware timers on the laptop. Laptop owners can display a custom message on locked laptops facilitating return by good Samaritans and can revive the laptop to its full functionality by using their personal password.