UDraw For Xbox 360 And PS3

  • New games for new consoles
  • Usability enhanced
  • Touch-screen control

The uDraw GameTablet has been upgraded so it is now available in high definition on Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 consoles.

The hand held drawing pad has adopted a new design and also has new capabilities that include high-definition art creation and gameplay, a stylus with greater sensitivity and motion features, longer drawing time, as well as direct touch-screen control that incorporates finger painting and pinch-and-stretch features.

The updated features allow gamers to stretch their imagination and create and share more detailed pieces of art, claims the manufacturer.

The GameTablet comes bundled with uDraw Studio Instant Artist software, a drawing, colouring and art-based program allowing players to create anything from simple doodles to intricate masterpieces that can be saved and shared online.

Two additional games will be launched in HD – Pictionary: Ultimate Edition; a digital version of the board games, and Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat; whereby players unleash the power of the pen by becoming a real Marvel artist and thwarting Doctor Doom.

The new titles are scheduled to join the existing Wii titles, SpongeBob SquigglePants, Kung Fu Panda 2, Dood’s Big Adventure and the original Pictionary in an ever-growing line-up that spotlights the play power of the uDraw GameTablet.

uDraw HD GameTablet including uDraw Studio Instant Artist: $119.95
Pictionary: Ultimate Edition: $59.95
Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat: $59.95