Twitter Stalked!

Microblogging social network Twitter was hit by a worm that sends users to a dodgy website

Social networking device Twitter was been hit by a worm, called Mikeyy, that took over accounts and asks users to visit a website called StalkDaily to fix the problem. Unfortunately, StalkDaily infects other Twitter accounts.

Twitter has since said it has cleaned the benign virus from its system, however, some security experts are worried about the vulnerability of Twitter to a more serious attack.

All this has twitter fanatics a-twittering, but the best advice was to avoid suspicious-looking links from Twitter accounts, and perhaps use a third-party application such as Twhirl, instead of going directly to profile pages, especially for the next couple of days.

Twitter has gone into the expected ‘we’re looking into our security issues’ mode, and hopefully will put things in place to make sure they network is not hijacked so easily in the future.