Twitter Founders Offer New Medium In Publishing

  • Medium is theme-based publishing
  • Users can rate collections
  • Still in Beta mode

The creators of Twitter, Evan Williams and Biz Stone, have unveiled their latest development in online publishing, Medium. 

Similar to Pinterest, this new method of publishing allows content like photographs and text to be grouped based on themes. These groups, or collections, of content are sorted based on the ratings that users find interesting.

The layout and design allows the collections to be seen in an elegant, fluid fashion.  They also vary depending on the browser of the user, so what you might see in Firefox might be slightly different from what you see in Internet Explorer.

Still in beta mode (and you have to be invited to test it), Medium will allow users to browse and vote on collections using their Twitter accounts.

The idea behind Medium is to let people to voice their sentiments or opinions through text or images without an established website or following. The creators believe this will mean that content will be judged by the merit of the content, not by its popularity.

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