Trend Micro app keeps your data safe and sound

  • Keeps your data safe and sound
  • Encrypts all data to the Cloud Simple to use
  • Designed to be simple to use,

Trend Micro’s Backup and Restore app has a simple interface which allows you to select the files you want to keep safe, and then automatically makes copies of those files to a secure Cloud Server.

For those that have a terrible memory, you can even schedule a daily or weekly automatic backup to keep your files safe.

When it comes to upgrades, accidentally deleting files, or when you accidently take your Android device for a swim, Trend Micro’s Backup and Restore is designed to keep your data safe and sound.

To save on data  costs, Backup and Restore will use Wi-Fi when available, or if no Wi-Fi is available, it will switch back to 3G to keep you connected.

In fact, Backup and Restore goes with you wherever you go and can be set to not use 3G to backup your device Trend Micro uses 256-bit AES encryption when moving your data to the Cloud, and ‘SecureCloud’ encryption in its Data Center.

Trend Micro Backup and Restore uses a Wi-Fi Internet or 3G/4G connection for activating the program online, checking the expiration date, and connecting to the storage database for backup and restore operations.

When backing up or restoring large volumes of data, users are encouraged to plug in their device and connect to Wi-Fi to ensure the quickest backup, no extra charges on 3G-4G, and no drain of the device’s battery.

Trend Micro Backup and Restore gives you:

  • 1GB Free Backup Space*
  • Works on Android Devices
  • English Language Supported
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Unlimited Backups 
  • Unlimited Restores
  • *Upgrade in-app (+5GB) to 6GB for $4.99 (p/yr)

You can use Trend Micro’s Backup and Restore software for:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Call History
  • Text History
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Music


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