Track or be tracked: Domino’s to use your location data for fresher pizza

Domino's Australia today announced that it will start tracking the location of pick-up customers in order to ensure their pizza is fresh out of the oven when they get to a store. This information will be used to determine when a customer enters a four minute radius around their chosen Domino's, at which point the store will begin cooking their order. If all goes to plan, customers' pizza will leave the oven as they walk in the door.

As of this coming Monday, customers will be able to share location data with the fast food giant through both mobile and desktop devices. On mobile, Domino's will use smartphone GPS data to track location, and ask customers which store they're going to, and how they will get there. On desktop, customers can simply tell Domino's where they are leaving from, and algorithms will approximate the rest.

The feature is opt in, and Domino's says it will only retain location for the duration of the pick-up process.

Following an Australian rollout, Domino's will begin offering similar functionality in international markets.

Last year, Domino's started kitting out delivery vehicles with GPS driver trackers, to allow customers to see where their pizza is at all times.

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