TPG offering AUD$10 per month 4G prepaid

TPG is hoping to sway new customers to its mobile offering (powered by Vodafone's network) by slashing the price of its entry level plan. New customers who sign up to TPG Mobile before June 30 will get the telco's AUD$19.99 recharge for AUD$10 for their first six months.

The plan includes 1.5GB of data, AUD$550 of included talk and text, and unlimited calls to TPG mobiles and home phones. TPG says a two minute standard call is billed at AUD$2.38, whereas a standard text goes for AUD$0.253. As such, customers on this plan would get roughly 200 standard two minute calls, or 2100 text messages. Excess data is billed at AUD$0.10 cent per megabyte, which works out to AUD$10 for 100MB.

It's worth noting that new customers do however need to pay a AUD$10 SIM charge.

Since TPG's AUD$10 per month plan has no lock-in contract, subscribers are always able to cancel after their price returns to the full amount.

When it comes to other budget prepaid plans, Kogan Mobile and Vaya lead the pack with an AUD$16.95 per month and AUD$18 per month plan, respectively. For that price, Kogan offers unlimited talk and text, and 1GB of data. Vaya includes AUD$650 of talk (AUD$2.33 for a standard two minute call), unlimited text, and 1.5GB of data.

Both plans represent better value than TPG's plan at full price, but the discounted AUD$10 per month option could make it a more compelling offer for some.

Looking a little further up in terms of pricing (but still in budget), Amaysim has an AUD$24.90 per month option with 1.5GB of data, unlimited talk and text, and unlimited standard international talk and text (to 10 and 32 countries, respectively).

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