Toshiba tranfers biometrics to phones

Toshiba has introduced its first mobile phone handsets with built-in fingerprint scanners.

The G900 Portage and TS605 handsets have fingerprint scanners built-in to the back of the handsets and can be used as a replacement for Pins to secure the devices or as a mini-mouse to scroll through menus.

The technology has been transferred from Toshiba’s laptop range but slimmed down to around 5mm to avoid making the phones too bulky.

An independent survey commissioned by Toshiba claimed that 90 per cent of businesses keep sensitive information on mobile devices, and one in five directors had lost more than one mobile device.

The top three locations for losing devices are taxis, at work and while out socialising with friends.

“This survey highlights a growing trend towards working on the move and the need for people to store sensitive information on mobile devices,” said Peter Ford, marketing director at Toshiba’s UK mobile communications division.

Source: ITNews

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