Top Ten Tech April Fool’s of 2009

Who says Techies don’t have a sense of humour!

Yesterday was the day the Conficker virus was supposed to cause the computer equivalent of the Apocalypse, only for it to be about as fearsome as a toothless poodle, and no doubt lining the pockets of anti-virus software providers. However, there were some true blue April Fool’s jokes going around the tech world. We at Cybershack decided to put together 10 of the best.

10) The Guardian in the UK told readers it was converting all its text to Twitter. No longer would there be a hard copy of the magazine, and that there would be a 140-character limit to articles.

9) Firebox gave us Sat Nav shoes whereby wearers could programme their desired destination into a control unit situated under their tongue with a beep to let them know when they’re stumbling in the wrong direction.

8) YouTube said it had a brand new viewing mode, designed for those who like standing on their heads or turning their screens upside down, because Google’s “internal tests have shown that modern computer monitors offer better picture quality when flipped upside-down.”

7) Google’s April Fool involved Gmail Autopilot, which was said to help you by mimicing your own communication style, and then it will construct its own response to an incoming email.

6) Probably the one most hoped was true, and would pay to see, was Steve Jobs planning a Dancing on Ice appearance.

5) In the US, it was reported Ford was planning a series of Android cars, just what the doctor ordered for the struggling car manufacturer! The car would have gadgets that put Android at your finger tips no matter where you sat and even the driver can turn their attention to wireless internet connection.

4) The Japanese, known for their quirky sense of humour, had gamers fooled. Website Akiba Blog ran a hoax saying Dragon Quest IX had been launched, causing 2,000 fans to camp out hoping to get hold of the long-delayed title.

3) UK charity Dog’s Trust has developed a revolutionary diet breakthrough which eliminates the vile odour of dog’s poo, leaving behind only the pleasant aroma of roses. “We’re incredibly excited about this breakthrough – it’s quite the scoop!” (not strictly tech, but thought it funny as hell!)

2) Microsoft’s Xbox almost went a step too far by unveiling Alpine Legend, a game based on Guitar Hero except for yodellers!

1) In one of those stories that some probably secretly wished was true, tech website Whirlpool had a post stating Senator Stephen Conroy has been sacked as Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.