EA Makes Life Easier For Gamers

Electronic Arts has decided to release an array of de-authorisation tools

In a move that will bring a smile to gamers, EA has decided to release de-authorisation tools for some of its titles, which for gamers means the Digital Rights Management (DRM) a little less of a problem.

It is similar to what 2K did after it released Bioshock, and allows gamers to free up an activation for their game when uninstalling, therefore giving the activation limit more freedom. This means games can be install their games as many times as they like, although the number of PCs able to take up the task will be limited.

There is a risk that the authentication servers may shut down, thus locking gamers out, however the pros appear to outweigh the cons.

Games issued with the tools include FIFA 2009, Sims2, Spore, FIFA Manager 2009, MySims and Undercover.