Three Smartphones For Dad

By Mike Wheeler

Recently Charlie Brown was on the Today Show talking about three mobile handset that were ideal for Mum. So we  thought, what about three phones that are ideal  for dad! Here's our choices…

Samsung Galaxy S III
First up is the Samsung Galaxy S III. This is one of the most popular smartphones out there for many reasons. It’s also part of the reason Apple is currently having a hissy fit and currently has Samsung in court fighting over patents for the technology used in the device.

You could be forgiven for thinking it is almost a super mini PC with the amount of functionality it has under its hood – if there was a mini Microsoft Office suite that could be downloaded to the smartphone available it almost would be.

Ideal for the busy executive or man with a busy personal life, it is crammed full of features, but here are a few that really stand out. One is the ability for it to know when you are reading the screen. It uses the camera to detect the movement of your face when you are looking at the screen, so the screen will not fade.  Another practical feature is voice recognition technology, or S Voice, which will listen and respond to your words.

Probably its most outstanding feature is the speed of which it completes tasks, which is due to tis quad-core 1.4 Ghz processor. It also helps that it is easy to use and navigate, too.

Nokia Lumia 900
The Big Daddy to the Nokia Lumia 800, both of these units are the big play by Nokia trying to stop its bleeding market share. Both these phones also use the much spruiked Windows Phone 7.5 operating system , but we feel the 900 just offers up a couple more things for the dad who wants a bit of grunt, which is provided by its 1.4GHz Qualcomm CPU.

It has a nice big screen, and most importantly, like the Galaxy S III, it is easy to navigate. If you’re a young, hip dad and are into the social networking scene, then you’ll like the People hub that allows you to aggregate all your media such as Flickr, Twitter and Facebook of course.

And like any good male, even though you will never get lost or need to ask for directions, it does come with Nokia Drive, a turn-by-turn navigation tool that doubles as a GPS.

Sony Xperia Sola
Sony hasn’t exactly set the world on fire with its handsets, but the Xperia Sola might tick a couple of boxes for dad if he’s in the market for a new phone.  

One little trick this device has that dad’s will love is its floating touch technology, which is pretty snazzy. All you have to do is hover your finger over the screen of the device and it will act like a moving cursor – not only looks cool, but is practical, too.

It also has Near-field Communication (NFC) technology, which is becoming more prominent and will become a mainstay feature of most smartphones over the next couple of years. This feature allows you to tap your phone, on say, a point of sale machine, instead of swiping your card.

As well as business, dad needs to play too, so this device can give you access to the Sony Entertainment Network, which has more than seven million songs, as well as access to on-demand movies – just make sure dad’s data plan can handle the downloads!

With so many smartphones to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chafe. We’re not saying these three phones are the only handsets suitable for busy dads, but they are certainly a good start.

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