Three New Games For Xbox Live Arcade

Microsoft rush out a few games, including a couple that hark back to yesteryear

Xbox Live Arcade is set to release three games tomorrow at a cost of 800 Microsoft points each.

Space Invaders Extreme, Zombie Wranglers and Arkanoid will all be available on the same day, which means is gamers have been hording their points, now might be a good time to use them.

Arkanoid is similar to the age-old game Pong where you use a ball to destroy a brick wall. You keep on going up to different levels and it gets harder and harder to destroy the wall.
Space Invaders is an upgrade on the game, that in some gamer’s opinion, started it all. It has been updated to include better graphics and sound, and there is multiplayer options too.

In the age of Grand Theft Auto IV, Godfather II et al, maybe they are betting on some older generation’s sense of melancholy, or the younger generation’s desire to have a go at the granddaddy of video gaming and see what all the fuss was about.

In Zombie Wranglers is a game where a group of kids destroy a gang of zombies that has invaded their town.