Free Streaming Via PS3 and PSP

Sony Computer Entertainment brings a new dimension to watching your favourite music videos.

Already a gaming console and blu-ray player, the PS3 is now set to be a conduit by which you can watch your favourite recording artist.

VidZone is a free music video streaming service whereby users can watch new music videos for free via PS3, or streamed to PS via Remote Play when plugged into their PC. You can create a play list and there is advertising which helps support the artist. However, users have to be aware that Sony has no peering agreements so users need to be aware they could churn through the data.

“2009 and beyond sees a stellar software line up on PS3, with existing successful franchises joined by all new and exciting Ips,” said Raoul Bedford, Marketing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia. “VidZone broadens our entertainment offering with both music and video streaming, adding to the already intuitive and easy to use XrossMediaBar.”

The XrossMediaBar, which debuted on PSP, now sets the GUI standard across Sony consumer products. Now adopted by BRAVIA LCD televisions, Cyber-shot cameras, OLED TV and VAIO notebook computers, the interface is claimed to enhance user experiences across all aspects of PS3 navigation.

Also announced by Sony CE was a range of software titles due to hit the shelves in 2009. This includes inFAMOUS, based on the graphic novel/ comic book genre, exciting visuals and game play revolve around themes of good versus evil and superhuman power. In a broken-down city in the aftermath of a devastating explosion, gamers will find that ‘being a hero is optional’.

Another title, Heavy Rain, takes the film noir genre to the console screen in an atmospheric and plot- driven, next-generation adventure.

Then there are the sequels God of War III and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves that are also set to make their much-awaited return. Finally, there is new title EyePet makes unique use of PlayStationEye to create a virtual pet in your living room.