Thin 3D Plasma with Bigpond movies from LG

At 2.1 inches thick, the LG 3D Plasma is designed to add sophistication to homes without intruding into the family lifestyle.

Late night trips down to the local video store are a thing of the past with the 3D Plasma TV. LG’s Netcast online streaming service with connectivity to thousands of BigPond movies, YouTube videos, Picasa picture albums and more, direct to the TV. 

By using LG’s TruBlack filter to produces deep blacks that in-turn creates high colour clarity. Another feature is the TV’s ability to produce blur-free images during fast-paced sequences.

LG’s 3D Plasma features self-illuminating pixels that accustom for a wide viewing angle, allowing for TV watchers to experience the full 3D experience wherever they choose to sit.

Furthermore, users can connect their 3D cameras to the TV to view their 3D pictures directly on the big screen through the Multi Picture Format (MPF) function.

Complementing the 3D TV, the LG 3D Recorder & Blu-ray Player has the added ability to capture content in 3D format, giving families the opportunity to enjoy their favourite shows in the real-life.

The unit plays back 3D and 2D Blu-ray discs with equal brilliance but also features the ability to store, stream and enjoy video content through one device.

The digital set-top box is made redundant with the device through its ability to receive cable, satellite and free-to-air shows without the need for extra hardware.

A Time Shift function gives viewers the power to pause live TV shows when distracted.

Furthermore, the recorder’s built-in tuner is able to record programs and playback a Blu-ray movie simultaneously ensuring favourite shows are never missed.

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