There’s finally a Bluetooth-enabled Nespresso machine

After years of peddling capsule-driven coffee machines, Nespresso has taken convenience to the next level with a Bluetooth-enabled maker. Dubbed the Prodigio, the device is a fairly standard Nespresso machine, differentiated by its connectivity.

Using a companion app (available for iOS and Android), users are able to remotely tell the Prodigio to brew them a coffee, or schedule a brew for a later time. Of course, scheduling the process necessitates being in Bluetooth range of the machine. Users will also need to ensure the tank has enough water, that there's a capsule loaded, and a cup under the spout.

While the process isn't necessarily more efficient than brewing a coffee manually, it means a user could theoretically load the machine before bed, and schedule the brew for a minute before their alarm goes off.

The Prodigo's reliance on Bluetooth does however prevent it from participating in the broader connected home. If Nespresso had used Wi-Fi instead, there'd be the potential for the Prodigo to interact with services such as IFTTT, allowing it to communicate with other connected devices.

Locally, the Prodigio is available for AUD$399, and comes with a milk frother accessory.

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