The Top Five Gadgets of 2010

By Branko Miletic

This year was big in many ways – and when it comes to tech, 2010 will be remembered as much for the failures as for the successes. Who can forget the underwhelming WD media hub, nor the iPhone 4 connection stoush, and what about the final death by one thousand cuts of Vista? So here at CyberShack, we have put together our 5 top IT gadgets of 2010 to help you separate the wheat from the techno chaff.

When it comes to game changers, there is no one better than Apple out there. After all, the company that saved itself by launching the iPod has cemented its future with the iPad, which is basically a way to read stuff. However, I believe the the iPad is a game changer – users will download 10 times the number of books that they would have usually bought in hard copy. That’s great for Apple and authors but not so great for booksellers, who like the music companies before them, will find their sales stagnating or even going southwards.
$679 for the basic model.

Android phones
When the whole notion of open source software was launched many years ago, who would have thought it would have become actually better than proprietary systems? Well, it’s a funny old world and now with the likes of HTC, Samsung, LG and Motorola all jumping onto the Android Mothership, companies like Nokia and its Symbian OS look so Old School that one could almost feel sorry for them. However, let’s be frank here – it’s all about us – the customer, and we like the Android platform so much that it’s been growing at triple the rate of every other mobile OS combined. Nice work if you can get it.
Various Plans

Apple TV
Yes, Apple gets two mentions this year – not because I use their products but because they are so damn good at designing stuff that not only works well, but also looks good in the process. OK, so yeah, there are other media streaming boxes out there, but none that are the size of a box of cough lozenges. And sure, renting movies online is hardly new, but with the ease Apple do it, this has got to be one of the best little gadgets for 2010.

OK I know, I panned it all year, and sure I think it’s a fad. But hey, watching sport or gaming on a 3D TV is not only fun, it’s also a visual experience that changes your perspective of a programme while watching it. I admit I still find those glasses a pain and not to mention a passion killer but really, add some top-end Dolby sound to a 3D film or game and its woo- hoo time. Some of the latest TVs are better than others in this tech genre but who cares? If and when they invent 3D viewing minus the Clarke Kent eye ware, I will be the first to rush out and buy a 3D TV. Until then, let me go on record to say that 3D TV rocks – but not my world.

Flip Digital Camera
I don’t care that I seem to be the only person this side of the Great Dividing Range that thinks Cisco’s Flip camera is a neat little piece of tech that can and will change the way we take movies. Much like the mobile phone changed the way we communicate – ie constantly – the Flip from Cisco will do the same for digital video. This will of course impact things like storage, broadband and of course privacy, but hey who cares – you can shoot HD video with a device that is the size of a Dictaphone. Now that’s what I call cool.

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