The Nintendo Experience launches at EB Games

Nintendo are having a party and you’re all invited.

Nintendo are having a party – and you’re all invited.

It’s the launch of The Nintendo Experience, which in reality is actually just the launch of a Nintendo Gaming Area, the first in Australia.

The area will feature popular Nintendo DS and Wii games. There’s no cost to play, which is good for Mum and Dad trying to calm down their noisy kids.

Located at the EB Games store on Swanston Street, The Nintendo Experience opens on the 11th December. But that’s for kids: why would older people want to go?

Well as it happens, Nintendo are giving some free stuff away. For the first 100 people in the area, Nintendo will give you a free DS or Wii game and there’ll even be DS and Wii consoles up for grabs.

Doors open at noon so if you’re near the Swanston Street EB Games store on the 11th, check it out.

Source: Nintendo

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