Broadband for seniors kicks off

2000 broadband kiosks will be built to assist the elderly with migrating to the Internet.

While the National Broadband Network continues to stutter, the quieter Broadband for Seniors initiative has kicked off with NEC Australia winning the $15 million dollar contract.

The terms of the contract mean NEC Australia will provide the technology, network infrastructure and also maintain 2000 internet kiosks set up to assist the elderly in taking the step online.

Only one in five Aussies over the age of 65 use the internet. NEC Australia plan to put the internet kiosks in community centres around Australia.

Nan Bosler, President of the Australian Seniors Computers Clubs Association, praised the Government initiative, saying senior citizens without internet access were disadvantaged.

“Establishment of these kiosks will provide the opportunity for many more Australian seniors to learn how to use modern communication skills.”

Source: IT News