The Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P showcase Android Marshmallow’s best new features

Google this morning announced the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, the first two smartphones built and optimised for Marshmallow, the latest update to the Android operating system. As typical with Nexus handsets, the two new devices are built to showcase new features added to Android, and run a completely unmodified version of the operating system.

The 5.2-inch Nexus 5X is built by LG and the successor to arguably one of the most cherished Android smartphones, the 2013 Nexus 5. The 5.7-inch all-metal Nexus 6P is built by Huawei, and is billed as the most premium Nexus smartphone yet.

As rumoured, both handsets take advantage of two key new Android Marshmallow features: USB Type-C quick charging and fingerprint reader support. In addition to the new USB Type-C charger, the pair both boast a rear-facing fingerprint reader similar to what Huawei has used in other smartphones.

In terms of hardware, the Nexus 5X features a 5.2-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 808 six-core processor, 2GB of RAM, up to 32GB of non-expandable storage, and a non-removable 2,700mAh battery.

The Nexus 6P features a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, a Snapdragon 810 eight-core processor, 3GB of RAM, up to 128GB of non-expandable storage, and a non-removable 3,450mAh battery.

Both the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P share the same 12.3MP rear-facing camera. The Nexus 6P is however able to record slow-motion at 240fps, while the Nexus 5X can only reach 120fps.

Local pricing and availability for the pair have yet to be confirmed, but Ausdroid noticed that the Australian Google store briefly priced the Nexus 5X at AUD$659 for a 16GB model and the Nexus 6P at AUD$899 for a 32GB model. This pricing has since been removed. For comparison, the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are priced at USD$379 and USD$499 internationally.

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